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YOLO – an acronym for “You Only Live Once”, defines the adventurous and fearless spirit of the youth. The carefree mantra of ‘living life to its fullest' and to ‘seize the day’ has influenced the youthful generation to take risks, try new things, break the rules and test the limits.


For decades, life’s journey has been defined as going to college, graduating, and finding the perfect career direction.  It has become a fundamental pattern and commonality amongst society across the globe. And although it may be the key to success, to make life extraordinary it’s important to do something that you don’t usually do so that you have a story to tell for the rest of your life. YOLO is used by everyone differently and is a constant reminder to make the best out of the days we have.


In today’s creative industry, young ambitious designers and artists thrive in a society that allows rules to be broken, to challenge past aesthetics, and embrace new ideas in order to reach the highest potential of creativity. It’s important to let loose, have some fun and remind oneself that life is not about finding yourself but creating yourself. So, take YOLO as a reminder to design extraordinary things in order to create a unique, desirable, and imaginative future.